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感謝大家一直嘅支持, 我哋將於五月起休業重組公司架構, 最後截單時間為 30th April 23:59pm
感謝大家一直嘅支持, 我哋將於五月起休業重組公司架構, 最後截單時間為 30th April 23:59pm

Term & Condition


In order to ensure food safety, customers should inspect the products carefully after received your orders. If the products have damaged, missing, deteriorated, expired and other problems, customers can contact customer service to inform the issues. Please take pictures and leave a feedback with the current problems and we will contact you as soon as possible!

We would not  accept refund or exchange because of non-quality issues.

a) Please make sure the packaging of the product and the product itself is not damaged, and the original quality  is maintained which the secondary sale is not affected.

b) The refunded goods must be products issued by the company

c) The company reserves all rights of interpretation

d) If the customer needs to cancel the order, you must notify the company before 4 pm on the day of payment; if the purchase is made at the company after 4 pm, the cancellation must be before 4 pm the next day.

e) Customers need to pay the return postage by themselves


Customers notice

The transaction orders will be completed through online payment systems provided by third-party companies such as Visa, Master, PayPal, and they will ensure the security of transactions for customers and the personal data involved in the payment process is not leaked

Our company reserves the final right of interpretation for changes in the prices of goods and services, special treatments, combined promotions and other matters

All information collected on our website is owned by us and will not be rented or sold to any unrelated third party. However, once personal information is provided to us, customers may receive calls, emails and direct marketing communications from our company. If you don't want to receive these notifications, you can email us to unfollow.


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